Apple’s Heartwarming Holiday Ad ‘Fuzzy Feelings’


Embracing the festive spirit, Apple has unveiled its annual holiday-themed ad, delightfully titled “Fuzzy Feelings.” This heartwarming mini-film centers around an animator juggling her creative passion with the demands of her office job during the holiday season. The stop-motion spectacle features her grumpy boss, portrayed as a character who habitually scolds her for tardiness and...

Unveiling the Thoughtful Design of Central Park – A Stroll with Michael Wyetzner


In the heart of New York City lies a masterpiece of intentional design – Central Park. Joining Architect Michael Wyetzner from Michielli + Wyetzner Architects, we embark on an enlightening walking tour, delving into the meticulous choices that have shaped every corner of this iconic urban oasis. Contrary to the notion that nature played the primary role, Central Park’s every feature is a...

Video: The Splendor of NYC’s Iconic Museums and Galleries


In this captivating exploration, Michael Wyetzner from Michielli + Wyetzner Architects takes us on a profound journey through the remarkable museums and art institutions that grace the illustrious landscape of New York City. From the grandeur of The Metropolitan Museum of Art to the avant-garde design of the Guggenheim by Frank Lloyd Wright, each of these iconic landmarks not only showcases...

Trailer: For All Mankind Season 4 -Mars, Asteroids, and Tensions Aplenty


I really enjoy this show and I am looking forward to watching it again next month. The highly anticipated return of “For All Mankind” is set for November 10, exclusively on Apple TV+. In Season 4, the series catapults us into 2003, eight years after Season 3, where Happy Valley’s influence on Mars has dramatically expanded. The focus now shifts to the ambitious endeavour of...

Video – The Other Side of Japan: Life in Kamagasaki’s Informal Settlements


Fascinating video about different Japan I know and love: Japan is known for its strong emphasis on cleanliness, efficiency, and tidiness. It is not common to see slums in Japan as in other countries, due to strict zoning laws and building regulations. However, there have been instances of informal settlements or poor living conditions in some parts of Japan. One example is the Kamagasaki...

Fujifilm Japan Video


Fujifilm Japan has released a video showcasing the production process of their cameras and lenses, from the optical elements to the cameras themselves. The company has six factories in Japan and has been making lenses since 1940. The video highlights the steps from design meetings to the hand-assembly of products. Unfortunately it’s in Japanese only but still great to watch it if you are a fan of...

Heidi Klum As a Giant Worm For Halloween


I know, Halloween was three days ago but there are more photos and videos coming in so I cannot resist but post this video interview from Entertainment Tonight with Heidi Klum as a giant worm. It was by far one of the most creative customs from her long and always interesting collection for Halloween. I am already wondering what will she come up with next year! Heidi Klum has done it again! The...

13 Levels of Pumpkin Carving


This is the time of the year when many of us are trying our best with some creative pumpkin carvings. There is a lot of help online, here is one I liked:

Pumpkin carving master James Hall explains pumpkin carving in 13 spooky levels of difficulty. The 2-time ‘Halloween Wars’ winner breaks down a variety of pumpkin carving techniques, ranging from simple to incredibly complex.

Humanoid AI Robot Spoke to the House of Lords in the UK


This short video is pretty amazing: A robot has addressed the House of Lords for the first time, telling a committee that artificial intelligence can be a ‘threat and opportunity to artists. AI is really taking center stage this year on so many levels. I am very excited about it, looking forward to seeing where this is going to take us as humans. The robot, named Ai-Da and devised in Oxford...

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