Music: André 3000’s


Just tuned in to André 3000’s vibes – an American rapper, producer, and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Atlanta. Part of the legendary Outkast, André shaped the landscape of hip-hop and pop with unique styles, paving the way for diverse expressions. Immersed in producing and playing instruments during The Love Below, his 2003 contribution to the duo’s double LP, André crafted a 170...

Music: Electrifying Soundscapes – Ayesha’s Sonic Odyssey from DC Warehouses to NYC Beats”


Currently immersed in the vibrant beats of Ayesha, an electronic music maestro hailing from Queens, NY. A globetrotter in her early years, Ayesha’s musical journey took root in the dynamic DC warehouse scene, where techno and breakbeat became her sonic language. After a move to New York City, she recently unveiled her debut LP, “Rhythm is Memory,” a pulsating fusion of hard...

Vince Clarke: Crafting Sounds and Emotions Through Synthesis, from Pop Hits to Ambient Exploration


Vince Clarke, a prominent figure in electronic music since the 1980s, discusses his latest solo album, “Songs of Silence” in a recent NYT article. Known for his work with Depeche Mode, Yazoo, and Erasure, Clarke explores the Eurorack system used in creating this ambient and drone-focused album. The interview delves into his musical journey, from early influences like Simon &...

Music: Harmonies Unveiled – Exploring the Sonic Realm of Celia Hollander


Currently immersed in the captivating sounds of Celia Hollander, a brilliant American pianist and composer hailing from Los Angeles. Hollander’s musical style is truly unique, carving out a niche of its own. Described as crafting “ambient-adjacent audio liquidity” by Ableton’s blog, she skillfully blends field recordings to create immersive temporal experiences, as...

Music: Thomas Köner’s Sonic Landscapes


Exploring the sonic landscapes of Thomas Köner today, a German artist whose journey from early instrumental prowess to groundbreaking drone compositions in the ’90s reflects a unique fusion of nature’s sublime influence and inventive recording techniques. From Teimo’s suspended tones captured through unconventional methods to the sparse, elemental drone of Permafrost...

Music: Anthony Naples


In the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music, finding a sonic haven that seamlessly blends innovation with nostalgia is a rare treat. Today, we embark on a journey into the world of Anthony Naples, an American electronic music producer based in the vibrant heart of New York City. Known for his leftfield creations, Naples has been a consistent force in the music scene, weaving together...

Music: Exploring the Musical Journey of Gia Margaret


I’m currently tuned in to the music of Gia Margaret, an American singer-songwriter and producer hailing from Chicago. Her debut LP, “There’s Always Glimmer,” was released in 2019, and during a tour, she unfortunately faced a voice-threatening illness. During her recovery, she found solace in creating music, using synth loops as a therapeutic tool. The outcome of this process was...

Music: Deep Listening to the Sonic World of Pauline Oliveros


I am currently immersing ourselves in the music of Pauline Oliveros, an accomplished American composer and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Houston, Texas. Oliveros has been a source of inspiration for us, having recommended her work twice before. Her pioneering journey began in the 1960s, where she revolutionized composition by employing tape recordings and innovative transistor-based...

Music: Richard Houghten


Today, I’m switching gears and diving into something more upbeat – the incredible sounds of Richard Houghten, an American guitarist and producer hailing from the vibrant music scene of Los Angeles. Houghten’s musical journey began at the tender age of 12 when he first picked up a guitar. But what makes his approach truly fascinating is his early experimentation with looping and...

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