Kurkku Fields


Kurkku Fields is a 74-acre sustainable farm located an hour from Tokyo in Chiba. Founded by a Japanese music producer and social activist, the farm combines elements of ethical farming, food, art, and nature. Visitors can enjoy fresh produce, explore art installations, browse the underground library with its 3,000 books, and stay in the Villa Cocoon lodging facilities. General admission is 800...

LEGO’s Latest Art Set Features This Iconic Japanese Print


This is a very nice idea! I have been tempted to get some LEGO sets for a long while since I have not played with them since I was a kid. This set may be my first one now:  LEGO is selling its own version of Katsushika Hokusai’s The Great Wave Off Kanagawa as part of its LEGO Art series. The 1,810-piece set features the famous woodblock print in 3D form, with the crashing waves and ill-fated...

Video: How Mochi Is Made


Given how crazy the world has become recently, let’s sidestep into something a little less stressful and fun. Because we all need a break with bad news from time to time… so here is a video about how mochi is made.

Japanese Artisan Creates Wagasa Umbrellas


Business Insider producer Lauren Shamo visited with craftsman Kotaro Nishiborito learn about how traditional Japanese paper umbrellas (Wagasa) are individually made. Nishibori takes the viewer through the beautiful process of crafting a red umbrella with traditional tools and materials. Making wagasa, a traditional Japanese umbrella, is how Kotaro Nishibori reconnected to his Japanese heritage...

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