Witnessing the Birth of a New Island in Japan


Three weeks ago, the view from Iwo Jima showed nothing but open ocean. But now, just offshore, there’s a tiny new island emerging, billowing smoke as it grows. This remarkable event offers a rare glimpse into the formation of volcanic islands, and it’s capturing the attention of people around the world. The new island is the result of an undersea volcano that began erupting on October...

Video – The Other Side of Japan: Life in Kamagasaki’s Informal Settlements


Fascinating video about different Japan I know and love: Japan is known for its strong emphasis on cleanliness, efficiency, and tidiness. It is not common to see slums in Japan as in other countries, due to strict zoning laws and building regulations. However, there have been instances of informal settlements or poor living conditions in some parts of Japan. One example is the Kamagasaki...

A Bookstore That Only Sells One Book


The world of literature has always been fascinating to book lovers, and there are countless bookstores worldwide catering to every taste and interest. However, have you ever heard of a bookstore that only sells one book? Yes, you read that right. Morioka Shoten, located in Ginza, Tokyo, is a unique bookstore that sells only one book at a time. Now, before you dismiss the store as limiting and...

Simose Art Garden Villa


The Simose Art Garden Villa is a newly opened destination in Hiroshima, Japan, stretching over an area of 4.6 hectares alongside the Seto Inland Sea. It consists of ten villas, a restaurant, and the Simose Art Museum, which is made up of three buildings and an 8.5m high “mirror glass screen”. There is also a floating museum with eight movable exhibition rooms, each covered in colored...

In Japan, a New Species of Orchids Were Discovered


Researchers in Japan recently discovered a new species of orchid with delicate, pink-and-white blooms that look like they were spun from glass. This species is a neighbor to a related orchid species common in Japan, and is a reminder that unknown species often live right under our noses. The newly described flower is part of the Spiranthes genus and is called “ladies’ tresses”...

Vtuber Ad in Tokyo Stations


Hololive has erected advertisements in Shinjuku and Shibuya stations featuring VTubers interacting with the real world to demonstrate how they have become part of our “new daily life”. The posters have the tagline “New daily life is right beside you”. The advertisement campaign was reported by Mantan Web and is connected to the Tokyo Tourism Ambassadors program involving...

7000 Japanese Islands Found


This is a bit funny: A recent survey by the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan found that Japan has 7,000 more islands than previously thought, bringing the total amount of islands in Japanese territory to 14,125. However, the survey did not change the overall area of land in Japan’s possession, and it does not include any artificially reclaimed land. The survey also mentions several...

Kurkku Fields


Kurkku Fields is a 74-acre sustainable farm located an hour from Tokyo in Chiba. Founded by a Japanese music producer and social activist, the farm combines elements of ethical farming, food, art, and nature. Visitors can enjoy fresh produce, explore art installations, browse the underground library with its 3,000 books, and stay in the Villa Cocoon lodging facilities. General admission is 800...

LEGO’s Latest Art Set Features This Iconic Japanese Print


This is a very nice idea! I have been tempted to get some LEGO sets for a long while since I have not played with them since I was a kid. This set may be my first one now:  LEGO is selling its own version of Katsushika Hokusai’s The Great Wave Off Kanagawa as part of its LEGO Art series. The 1,810-piece set features the famous woodblock print in 3D form, with the crashing waves and ill-fated...

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