TV Turbulent Waters and Hidden Gems in 2023


In 2023, the TV landscape faced turbulence due to strikes, cancellations, and cutbacks. Notable departures included series like “The Bear,” “Beef,” “The Curse,” and “Dead Ringers.” Series like “The Bear,” “Beef,” “Happy Valley,” “Reservation Dogs” and “Succession” dazzled in a year when much of the TV business was in disarray. – NYT Amid the...

Unveiling the Thoughtful Design of Central Park – A Stroll with Michael Wyetzner


In the heart of New York City lies a masterpiece of intentional design – Central Park. Joining Architect Michael Wyetzner from Michielli + Wyetzner Architects, we embark on an enlightening walking tour, delving into the meticulous choices that have shaped every corner of this iconic urban oasis. Contrary to the notion that nature played the primary role, Central Park’s every feature is a...

A Fantastic Day of Kayaking: Discovering the Beauty of Point Pelee National Park


The day was filled with excitement as we set out on a kayaking journey to Point Pelee National Park. The morning was bright and promising, and we eagerly prepared to embark on an adventure in this renowned park. Knowing that Point Pelee is a sanctuary for nature enthusiasts like us, we were eager to experience the marvels it had to offer from the peaceful waters of our kayaks. With our kayaks...

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