Planetary Boundaries Update: Are We Pushing Earth Beyond Its Limits?


The delicate balance of our planet’s ecosystems has been a growing concern for scientists and environmentalists alike. In a recent update to the planetary boundaries framework, it has been found that Earth is venturing dangerously close to exceeding its safe operating space for humanity. This raises critical questions about our impact on the environment and the future of our planet. In this...

Potentially Hazardous Asteroid Will Zoom by Earth This Week, and You Can Watch It


An asteroid classified as “Potentially hazardous” will fly by Earth on June 11th, 2023, and it should be visible with a small telescope or binoculars. Earlier observations showed that the rock is a binary asteroid, composed of a large asteroid with a smaller “moonlet” orbiting it. The asteroid, known as 1994 XD, will come within 1.9 million miles of Earth, or about six and...

If the Earth Stopped Spinning


This is a very interesting article with a lot of information on how the planet we call home would change if it stopped spinning.  Could the Earth ever stop spinning, and what would happen if it did? | Space: If the Earth stopped spinning, you wouldn’t suddenly be launched off into space. Gravity would still keep you firmly on the ground.There would be lots of changes, though. If Earth...

Earth’s Black Box


Earth’s Black Box is like an airplane black box. The project is meant to painstakingly record every step on the way to our planet’s demise.  Check out the website: earthsblackbox.com Indestructible ‘Black Box’ will record our planet’s demise in minute detail | Live Science: The solar-powered vault will be roughly the length of a school bus and the shape of...

Earth Is on Course to Have Its Own Rings


So this is depressing but not surprising. We really need to start figuring out how to clean up all the garbage we leave behind. The planet is already full of it and every day there is more, it looks like there is plenty already now orbiting above our heads.  Earth will have Saturn-like rings ‘made of space junk’: University of Utah researcher Jake Abbott said that “Earth is on course to have...

Mystery of the Origins of the Earth’s Water: Sun Is a Surprising Likely Source


Fascinating information about the latest research of the likely source of water theory on Earth. There is so much we still don’t know for sure, but more and more things come to light as technology evolves.  Mystery of the Origins of the Earth’s Water: Sun Is a Surprising Likely Source: Curtin University researchers have helped unravel the enduring mystery of the origins of the Earth’s water...

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