Allium Ikebana


This morning, I crafted an ikebana using dried flowers from my garden, particularly admiring the beauty of the Alliums in their dried state. These plants possess exquisite beauty in both their flowers and leaves and are known for their resilience. Alliums are easy-to-grow bulbs that come in various colors, heights, bloom times, and flower forms. They serve as excellent cut flowers for both fresh...

House Built of Cork, Concrete, and Aluminum


If we were to buy or build a new house again in the future, this would be an ideal model for our new home. Absolutely love everything about it… especially the large sliding windows and open concept kitchen & living room.  A Family House in Rašovka Built of Cork, Concrete, and Aluminum: Atelier SAD (architecture) and Iveta Zachariášová (interior design) designed this modern, rectangular house...

Modern House in the Woods


OMG, I think I found my dream house… it’s got everything and it looks like everything I would want in a modern new house. Check out the photographs by visiting the link below.  A Compact, Modern Cabin in the Woods That Reflects the Trees: Located in Petite-Rivière-Saint-François, Québec, Canada, a pair of identical cabins, developed as vacation rentals by Bourgeois / Lechasseur architectes, can...

McDonald’s Exercise Bikes


Marketing gimmicks are no longer shocking… they are now borderline stupid. But as long as they promote it as free phone charging, I am OK with it, but please don’t make it about fitness. The device is not… an exercise bike! McDonald’s Has Installed Exercise Bikes in Some Restaurants in China: The device is not just an exercise bike attached to a table — it’s a phone charger too.It was...

Video: Polite Luggage at Changi Airport


There are many incredible things about Singapore Changi Airport, I have visited by now most of the terminals there and even flew out the most modern and sophisticated Terminal 4. But I have not noticed a baggage claim technology they used where each piece waits its turn to avoid gridlock and pile-ups on the conveyor belt until someone pointed out it in this video. Again, an amazing...

Public Toilets in Japan


The country’s latest public facility, located in Oath Hill Park in Oyama Town is stunning. But not surprising, let’s face it after all this is Japan. As always on top of their game when it comes to design and everything else they do. These beautiful public toilets in Japan have views of Mount Fuji: Designed by architecture studio Kengo Kuma and Associates, these beautiful public toilets opened in...

Graypants Shares How They Turn Cardboard Into Modern Scraplights


You need to check out the photographs and step by step walk-through on how these are made. These lights are absolutely beautiful. They look natural, warm and inviting, perfect addition to any home which values good design, functionality and the fact that they are made from recycled materials. Have a look… Graypants Shares How They Turn Cardboard Into Modern Scraplights: Based in Seattle and...

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