Apple Expands Podcasts with New Features Redefining Audio Entertainment


Apple is once again changing the game, this time in the world of podcasting. In a recent announcement, the tech giant introduced a host of new features for its Podcasts app, enhancing the way we consume audio content. Let’s dive into these exciting developments and see how they’re set to transform the podcast experience. Apple’s major reveal is the introduction of in-app...

iOS 17: The Fun-Tastic Update That’s Changing the iPhone Game!


The wait is over, and iOS 17 has just landed, bringing with it a treasure trove of over 100 shiny new features and upgrades to jazz up your iPhone experience. From personalized phone calls to futuristic audio tricks, get ready to have a blast exploring what this update has in store for you. Personalized Phone Calls: Dial Up the Fun! iOS 17 kicks off the party with “contact posters”...

iPhone 15 Fast Charging


The Verge reports that: Apple is set to introduce the iPhone 15 in the next few weeks, and the device’s long-rumored transition from Lightning to USB-C may provide a boost to its charging speed. According to 9to5Mac, some of the new iPhone 15 models will support charging up to 35W, compared to the 27W speeds that the current iPhone 14 Pro is limited to. This is a welcome news, any improvements to...

iMac Turns 25 Years Old


25 years ago, Apple released the original iMac which sparked excitement for the company, as it was a refutation of the PC market at the time. It featured colorful design and bold features, such as USB ports and Apple’s iconic slogan “Think Different”. It was seen as a continuation of the company’s legacy, and its influence on the industry was undeniable. Over the years the...

Apple Working on Journaling App


Apple is reportedly working on a health-led journaling app for the iPhone, codenamed “Jurassic”. The app would be able to track a user’s daily routines, activities, and people they interact with. It would also offer personalization features and suggest relevant journaling topics. Data collected by the app would be stored solely on-device and journaling suggestions would be...

Mastodon Previews in Latest MacOS and iOS updates.


There are now Mastodon link previews in Messages, Mail, and Notes. As Twitter is fading from social media landscape it’s nice to see Apple keeps up with what’s the next thing which is now Mastodon. I have pretty much abandoned by now Twitter like I did Instagram and Facebook. Although I am still picking at Mastodon occasionally and post randomly I find myself less interested in social media...

Apple Music Classical


Apple Music Classical, a new app for listening to classical music with an Apple Music subscription, is now available to download from the App Store. It offers a catalog of over 5 million tracks at up to 192 kHz/24 bit hi-res lossless, as well as curated playlists, composer biographies, and other features to help people learn more about the genre. However, the app does not support the Apple Music...

Apple’s AirPods Health-related Features


Apple is looking into adding health tracking features to their AirPods in the next year or two, which could include the ability to get hearing data of some sort. This follows the health-related features already available in the Apple Watch, such as heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, and irregular heart rhythm monitoring, as well as patents related to body temperature, heart rate, and...

William Gibson’s Neuromancer Coming to Apple TV+


This is exciting news from today. Loved the book so I am curious how will the show come out: Jack in. William Gibson’s profoundly-influential 1984 cyberpunk novel Neuromancer is coming to Apple TV+ and Miles Teller (Fantastic Four, Top Gun: Maverick) is apparently the studio’s first choice to play protagonist Case. According to The Illuminerdi, Gibson is an executive producer and...

Music: Weather Alive – Beth Orton


Monday tunes… Weather Alive – Beth Orton which was released in September of this year. Talking about the new album, Orton says:  Through the writing of these songs and the making of this music, I found my way back to the world around me — a way to reach nature and the people I love and care about.This record is a sensory exploration that allowed for a connection to a consciousness that I...

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