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2023/07/26 12:42

Exciting News: Olive Oil Linked to a 28% Lower Risk of Fatal Dementia!

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2023/07/26 09:44

Daily Photo Frames: Table Mountain
Location: Cape Town, South Africa, Africa

Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa, Africa
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2023/07/26 08:45

Listening to Ylia, a Spanish producer and sound designer hailing from Málaga. As a DJ, she delivers fast-paced and ravey sets, but her solo records since 2020 explore a more ambient sound. Her compositions are rich with diverse musical ideas, blending synths with a wide range of sounds and instruments. Recently, Ylia released her second album, "Ame Agaru," on Philip Sherburne’s Balmat Records, featuring guest musicians on flute, acoustic guitar, soprano sax, and more.

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2023/07/26 08:02

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2023/07/25 16:49

Regrettably, the Following feed in Threads is somewhat concealed. To reveal it, you need to tap either the home icon at the screen’s bottom or the Threads logo at the top. Once visible, you have the option to click on: “Following,” to display posts from people you actually follow.

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2023/07/25 16:36

I really enjoy reading frequent, often daily posts from Patti Smith. She arrived in Bogota on Sunday as she is touring right now! There are always lots of photos, sometimes videos and even playing music on Substack Notebook. It’s a perfect way to give fans a glimpse into her life. She is a legend.

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2023/07/25 15:43

Love this week’s New Yorker cover called “Recipe for Disaster,” by Christoph Niemann

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2023/07/25 15:26

We Know What’s Causing This Heat

Some of the searing temperatures that scorched the United States, Mexico, Europe and China this month would not have happened without human-caused climate change, my colleague Delger Erdenesanaa reports.

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2023/07/25 14:43

Unraveling the Art of Rubber Band Manufacturing: A Journey Inside Kyowa Co. Ltd’s Japanese Factory

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2023/07/25 13:33

Currently reading: The Kingdom by the Sea by Paul Theroux 📚 Picked up a book at the library today…

Book: The Kingdom by the Sea by Paul Theroux
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2023/07/25 12:25

Loved this t-shirt so I ordered it:

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2023/07/25 12:03

This looks promising especially since I like Threads:

"Threads is about to get vastly more useful as Meta has started rolling out the option to see a chronological feed of posts from the people you follow. - Engadget"

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2023/07/25 09:45

Daily Photo Frames: The Picturesque Funiculars
Location: Lisbon, Portugal, Europe

Lisbon Funicular
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2023/07/25 08:50

Morning ride in the countryside

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2023/07/25 08:00

A Fantastic Day of Kayaking: Discovering the Beauty of Point Pelee National Park

Point Peele National Park
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2023/07/25 07:43

Listening to: Boosting art and photography 🖌 Sabine Stoye, Mastodon - The Art of Curation

The Fediverse’s first movers are staking their ground as curators. Meet Sabine Stoye, who runs one of Mastodon’s most beloved accounts for art and photography curation. Listen on Apple Podcasts

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2023/07/25 06:04

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2023/07/24 18:40

When it’s hot outside our bees 🐝 hang out outside on the beehive. It’s cool to see them, even it’s just a fraction of actual number of them inside. Next weekend we will be collecting first batch of fresh summer honey 🍯 It’s always fun to do but a bit messy process.

Bees hang out outside on the beehive
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2023/07/24 17:33

Daily Photo Frames: Streets of Osaka
Location: Osaka, Japan

Streets of Osaka
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2023/07/24 16:59

Great day spent on the water, kayaking around marshes in the national park. Lots of wildlife from birds to turtles, glad I remembered to bring binoculars with me this time around. Photos were taken with my trusty GoPro camera, allowing me to shoot some videos as well. But this will be edited later.

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2023/07/24 12:13

Kayaking trip through national park today:

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2023/07/24 04:53

Listening 🎧 to Daryl Groetsch, an American ambient music producer from Portland. He’s released almost a hundred records, mainly as “Pulse Emitter,” but started as Daryl Groetsch in 2022. His sound explores everything from noise sculpting to cybernetic prog compositions.

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2023/07/23 20:36

Pleasant day, which started at 6am with a 50km bike ride. Looking forward to tomorrow’s kayaking trip.

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2023/07/23 16:27

Current view from the hammock:

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2023/07/23 07:50

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2023/07/22 13:44

📺 Enjoyed the second episode of “Foundation” on AppleTV+ Glad it’s back for second season as the book series was awesome 👏

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2023/07/21 16:29

Daily Photo Frames: Nagano's Zenkoji Temple
Location: Nagano, Japan, Asia

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2023/07/21 13:35

💻 I bought myself today the new MacBook Air 15-inch (2023) M2 8GB Memory 512GB SSD Storage, as really needed more storage and the larger screen is beautiful so it’s a bonus over the small and now 2 years older MacBook Air I had

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2023/07/21 11:16

📰 Since Feedly stopped working on macOS last week I switched to free and open-source NetNewsWire which I used years go. It’s good to see it alive and kicking.

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2023/07/21 08:29

😊 It looks like another great day for spending time in the garden, I actually have some work to do as well. Like cutting the grass, good it’s cooler today. We got a lot of rain last night. Everything is grown so fast now.

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2023/07/20 20:23

Record-Breaking June: The Warmest Month Since 1850 in Global Temperature History

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2023/07/20 11:59

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2023/07/20 11:24

The First Issue of Amazing Stories: Exploring a Sci-Fi Magazine Journey from the Internet Archives

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2023/07/19 19:12

Reading the latest Ctrl-ZINE Issue. 5 Download the latest issue free.

Ctrl-ZINE Issue. 5
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2023/07/19 17:23

A Perfect Morning Kayaking Adventure: Embracing Serenity on the Lake -

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2023/07/19 15:48

Daily Photo Frames: Basilica Cistern
Location: Ancient cisterns lie beneath the city of Istanbul, Turkey

Basilica Cistern in Istanbul, Turkey
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2023/07/19 15:07

Finished reading: The Redemption of Time by Baoshu 📚
⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Book cover: The Redemption of Time
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2023/07/19 14:12

Listening to Stockholm-based pianist and composer, Shida Shahabi, a Swedish-born musician with Iranian heritage. Her music is influenced by Persian pop, classical composers, and Western bands like Cocteau Twins and My Bloody Valentine. Her latest album, Living Circle, featuring cellist Linnea Olsson

Apple Music - Listening to Shida Shahabi
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2023/07/19 13:33

Felix Gall went from Tour de France rookie to Tour de France stage-winner today after stage 17; 165.7km from Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc to Courchevel.

Tour de France Stage 17
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2023/07/19 11:16

Kayaking this morning for a change, perfect weather with almost no wind. Lots interesting bird are out and about today. Calm waters and clear sky, just awesome day to be outside.

Kayaking on the Lake
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2023/07/18 20:07

Love my Pig Incense Burner for katori senko (senko meaning “incense” in Japanese) which is used as a mosquito repellent. Bought this piggy in Ginza Mitsukoshi department store during my last visit to Tokyo. Now, it’s in my garden sitting on a table during summer months, keeping mosquitoes away.

Pig Incense Burner for katori senko
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2023/07/18 17:27

She cracks me up daily: NORMAL ISLAND NEWS
Tories furiously insist they will starve more children than Labour would. And they have the track record to back this up.

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2023/07/18 17:04

An unopened, original 4GB Apple iPhone that was released on June 29, 2007, has sold for $190,372.80. There were 28 total bids lodged for it, five of which were over $100,000. I should buy an extra iPhone 15 when it comes out and keep it for a decade or two as retirement investment 😜

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2023/07/18 15:21

Daily Photo Frames: Streets of Ho Chi Minh City
Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Asia

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2023/07/18 15:09

Tour de France - 22.4km time trial stage 16 today was awesome! Jonas Vingegaard soared to a crushing triumph on stage 16 of the Tour de France on Tuesday, winning the 22.4km time trial by 1min 38sec from Tadej Pogacar, who was second.

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2023/07/18 12:48

Well, this just dropped into my Kindle as it was released today. Since I love her books I am reading: Silver Nitrate by Silvia Moreno-Garcia now📚

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2023/07/18 11:53

Listening to: Tape Piece I Davi Music

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2023/07/18 11:44

Current view:

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2023/07/17 17:03

Short Story Review: “Paycheck” by Philip K. Dick - Love this blog, very enjoyable and always points me to something I have not read before. I will have to look for the paperback of this book as there is no Kindle version and the local library does not seem to have it either.

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2023/07/17 16:50

Finished reading: Fury by Henry Kuttner 📚 ★ ★ ★ ★

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2023/07/17 13:55

Our latest guilty pleasure is ‘King the Land’ -Drama. We are on episode 5. It tells the story of Goo Won who is the heir of The King Group, a luxury hotel conglomerate, who was thrown into an inheritance war, and Cheon Sa-rang, a hotelier who always has a smile on her face till she meets Goo Won.

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2023/07/17 12:44

Listening 🎧 to Davi Music’s latest album “Good Morning Deja Vu” released by Flow State Records. It combines tape loops, analog processing, and a blend of natural and synthetic sounds. Also, check out his captivating previous record “Freedom Arboretum.”

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2023/07/17 11:42

Summer ice tea choice: Barley tea from Japan. It’s a roasted-grain based infusion made from barley. This is a staple across many East Asian countries such as China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan especially during summer months when you brew it cold in the fridge. Plus it’s delicious… 😋

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2023/07/17 11:19

Daily Photo Frames: Murano
Location: Islands linked by bridges in the Venetian Lagoon, northern Italy, Europe

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2023/07/16 17:53

Smoke from forest fires made its way here again. Unhealthy air warnings popping up on my phone:

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2023/07/16 13:08

Here just for the day, very Buddhist like flowers, all about impermanence… a Daylily, so beautiful!

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2023/07/16 12:41

Tour de France: Wout Poels blasts to blockbuster stage 15 solo victory… Stage 15 was 179km from Les Gets Les Portes du Soleil to Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc.

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2023/07/16 11:55

Listening 🎧 to Herbie Hancock’s Head Hunters which brought a deep funk groove, with tracks like “Chameleon” and “Sly” nodding to Sly Stone. The band’s tribal-electric version of “Watermelon Man” pushed boundaries with Hancock’s funky synthesizer use.

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2023/07/16 11:38

Finished reading: The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu 📚 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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2023/07/16 11:37

Our is having a lazy Sunday, giving rabbits and squirrels in the garden a break as well:

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2023/07/16 10:55

Started harvesting the first batch of mint today for drying, this way the plants will recover and regrow for another harvest in late September. Now it’s time to dry these leaves so there is plenty of mint tea for the winter months:

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2023/07/16 09:45

Daily Frames: San Telmo Shops
Location: The oldest barrio (neighborhood) of Buenos Aires,

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2023/07/16 07:55

It rained last night so the looks amazing this morning:

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2023/07/15 17:50

Customized the theme so it feels a little bit more interesting:

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2023/07/15 12:43

Picked up “Fury” by Henry Kuttner; a vintage sci-fi novel and I am excited about reading it:

"Originally published in Astounding in 1947 under the pseudonym Lawrence O’Donnell (Kuttner co-authoring with his wife, Catherine L. Moore), the book is set on Venus several centuries after an atomic Armageddon has destroyed Earth."

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2023/07/15 12:08

Finished watching live coverage of Stage 14th of Tour de France - 151.8km Annemasse to Morzine Les Portes du Soleil. It was an impressive battle between Tadej Pogacar and Jonas Vingegaard today, but the stage winner was Carlos Rodriguez at the end. Bravo!

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2023/07/15 09:42

Daily Photo Frames: Life Underground
Location: New York City Subway’s 14th Street/Eighth Avenue Station, NY, USA

Discover these sculptures by Tom Otternessnd through the lens and immerse yourself in their wonders.

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2023/07/15 08:44

Indulging in farm-fresh berries this morning:

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2023/07/14 15:45

Watching Season 2 - Ep. 1 Hari finds himself trapped in a mysterious prison. An assassination attempt leaves Day shaken. Gaal and Salvor devise an escape plan.

"More than a century after the events in the Season 1 finale, tension mounts throughout the galaxy. As the ruling dynasty begins to unravel, a young queen plots her revenge. Meanwhile, a colony of people with special abilities poses a new threat. It’s all leading toward a collision course for war."

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2023/07/14 14:35

I’m listening to Home, a synthwave project by producer Randy Goffe. He was inspired by ’70s and ’80s electronic music and started creating synth-heavy music. “Resonance” from his 2014 album Odyssey gained popularity on Vine and became associated with the “Simpsonwave” aesthetic.

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2023/07/14 12:05

Shorts: 6AM Ride

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2023/07/14 11:13

Today’s Châtillon-sur-Chalaronne to Grand Colombier
137.8km stage 13th of Tour de France winner is Kwiatkowski.

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2023/07/14 11:03

PetaPixel reports that “Instagram’s Threads Engagement Has Already Dropped off”

"The engagement on Meta’s Twitter rival app Threads has already dropped off – after it hit 100 million users barely a week after its launch."

Must be all EU users who got blocked…

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2023/07/14 09:47

Daily Photo Frames: Taiwan Food Markets
Location: Taiwan, officially called Republic of China is a country in East Asia

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2023/07/14 07:07

Perfect start to the day:

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2023/07/14 06:19

Morning ride

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2023/07/13 17:27

Listening 🎧 to Les Sewing Sisters who defy categorization. With pin cushion tomatoes on their heads and sewing machine music, they’re unique. It’s a industrial pop music made entirely from sewing machines. Their songs explore clothing’s cult: inspiration, deconstruction, mediocrity, and moths.

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2023/07/13 14:46

Unpasteurized sauerkraut contains probiotics, which are beneficial bacteria that act as the first line of defense against toxins and harmful bacteria. They can also improve your digestion and overall health!
We eat a lot of through out the year, the key here is “unpasteurized” fermented product.

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2023/07/13 14:42

Made batch of sauerkraut from new green cabbages. It’s in my favourite 5-litre fermenting jar. I usually alternate it between sauerkraut and homemade kimchi. It’s delicious but first you got to wait 4 weeks or so before it’s ready to eat. It’s fun to watch daily as it bumbles and changes colour…

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2023/07/13 14:00

Daily Photo Frames: Kazimierz Dolny
Location: Eastern Poland, in Puławy County, Lublin Voivodeship

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2023/07/13 13:42

Appreciate Apple News+ having all the great magazines still available. I know it is dying industry but I still really enjoy flipping through the digital “pages”. Latest Gardens Illustrated issue is stunning with its esteemed garden designers and passionate horticulturists. It’s a feast for your eyes

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2023/07/13 12:48

Flowers all the garden… love it.

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2023/07/13 12:19

Ion Izagirre breaks away to win Tour de France stage 12 today from Roanne to Belleville-en-Beaujolais (168.8km)

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2023/07/13 09:00

Catalpa is blooming and the flowers look like orchids… Commonly called catalpa or catawba, is a genus of flowering plants in the family Bignoniacee, native to warm temperate and subtropical regions of North America, the Caribbean, and East Asia.

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2023/07/13 08:00

Package from GCN mega-base in UK arrived this morning with some new Tour de France swag. Love the quality of the sweatshirt and the limited edition water bottle!

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2023/07/13 07:03

During a morning walk, spotted this old fishing boat today:

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2023/07/12 17:18

Looking forward to watching tonight the next episode of Hijack on Apple TV+ It’s is a thriller miniseries created by George Kay and Jim Field Smith, starring Idris Elba and it’s really good!

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2023/07/12 15:13

NYT reports that airlines are finally dropping prices, so there is hope for more reasonable options in the future:

"Airfares took another dive last month, following a wild ride over the past year, reflecting volatile energy prices and swings in demand. Prices have dropped 18.9 percent in the year through June, or 8.1 percent between May and June, even as passenger traffic has reached record highs."

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2023/07/12 14:58

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2023/07/12 13:57

I’m listening to the instrumental music project called Bing & Ruth, led by NYC-based pianist David Moore. He skillfully combined his gentle piano playing with various instruments like clarinets, voices, cellos, basses, piano, trumpet, and lap steel.

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2023/07/12 13:27

Tour de France: Jasper Philipsen flies to fourth sprint victory on stage 11 today! From Clermont-Ferrand to Moulins (179.8km).

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2023/07/12 11:03

Back from the local farm market:

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2023/07/12 06:44

It’s looks a like beautiful day outside:

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2023/07/11 14:39

Remembered this year to collect Poppy flower seeds today before the seedpods ended up empty so I can sow them elsewhere in the garden. We have really nice variety with huge, stunning flowers.

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2023/07/11 12:40

Currently reading: The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells 📚

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2023/07/11 11:20

Pello Bilbao won Stage 10 of Tour de France from Vulcania to Issoire (167.2km) today.

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2023/07/11 10:38

Daily Photo Frames: Sapporo Beer Museum
Location: the Sapporo Garden Park in Higashi-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaidō, Japan

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