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Origami Paper Cat Hand Puppet


Barnaby Dixon, a highly creative puppeteer, created a wonderfully playful origami paper cat hand puppet. The cat and other new projects are being built for a live performance of The Book of Dust – La Belle Sauvage by Philip Pullman at the Bridge Theater in London. Dixon is the puppet designer and director for the show.

What Happens to the Human Body in the Vacuum of Space


With all the new tourists flying up into the edge of space lately, do you ever wonder what would happen to your body in space if you were not wearing a space suit? Live Science has an interesting article explaining it. What would happen to the human body in the vacuum of space? | Live Science: In the absence of pressure, liquid water in our bodies would boil — changing immediately from a liquid...

Timbaland Launches Production Company for Bored Ape NFT’s


Another exciting news from the world of NFT’s, bored apes have been hugely successful in that space. Most people are not convinced about the real value of NFT’s, I am still on fence about it at times myself. I managed to create my own non-fungible token art and considered collecting some in the future. But it’s very early in the game, so it’s good to see more and more news about bigger names...

Ending Data Extraction Is the Key to Ending Surveillance Capitalism


Excellent opinion piece in The New York Times by Shoshana Zuboff called “You Are the Object of Facebook’s Secret Extraction Operation” The New York Times:  All of it begins with extraction. An economic order founded on the secret massive-scale extraction of human data assumes the destruction of privacy as a nonnegotiable condition of its business operations. With privacy out of...

Paper Website – Blog Online with a Paper Notebook and Phone App


This is really neat idea, I want to try it now. It looks like all plans include a hosted website and Paper Website creator as well as unlimited bandwidth, storage and page conversions. The Paper Website App provides a seamless way to take a picture of your page, and upload it directly to your Paper Website. Once the page is uploaded, it is available to edit as usual in the Paper Website Editor...

Pokémon Pikachu for $25,000


Limited edition item… but for $25K? That’s crazy, yet somehow I am sure it will be sold out fast. You can order it here.  Collect this Pokémon Pikachu, for just $25,000 | Boing Boing: Japanese musician and streetwear legend Hiroshi Fujiwara (Fragment Design) created this crystal Pokémon Pikachu for Baccarat. It’s approximately 12″ tall, weighs in at 18 pounds, and is a limited...

Singapore Will Stop Paying the Medical Bills of Unvaccinated Covid-19 Patients


Let’s face it, anyone who makes a choice not get vaccinated for Covid-19 should be on their own when it comes to paying for a treatment when they do get sick from it. I wish every single goverment (especially in countries with taxpayer funded healthcare) follow the suit. If you made a decision, you should pay for the consequences.  Singapore will stop paying the medical bills of unvaccinated...

Philip K. Dick’s “Vulcan’s Hammer” Will Be a Movie Soon


This is exciting, apprently Philip K. Dick’s 1960 novel Vulcan’s Hammer will shot as movie by director Francis Lawrence (Hunger Games and I Am Legend) with New Republic Pictures producers Brian Oliver and Bradley Fischer. From the Hollywood Reporter: Hammer is set after a devastating world war, when the nations of Earth form the Unity party and cede global governance to the...

Photographs From Aurora Display Was Triggered by a Series of Coronal Mass Ejections

P has a great article and amazing series of photographs from the latest events when aurora display was triggered by a series of coronal mass ejections. Nature is so beautiful, glad we are able to observe it.  ‘Cannibal’ sun eruption gives departing astronauts their best aurora | Space: The latest aurora display was triggered by a series of coronal mass ejections, bursts...

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