Elevating Podcasting with AI: Introducing New Substack Features


Podcasting just got a whole lot better on Substack! They announced some incredible new features that will revolutionize the way people create, edit, and share their podcast content. With the integration of cutting-edge AI tools, podcasting experience will be elevated to a whole new level of efficiency and creativity. Say goodbye to the daunting task of transcribing podcast episodes manually. They...

20 iPhone Upgrades Expected in September


One of my favourite tech websites has a really nice table out which compares all the changes and updates coming out soon for the high end iPhones.

It’s short and to the point so if you are thinking about upgrading your current iPhone 14Pro or Pro Max this should help you out. Of course there is no quarantining that all these changes will be there until the official announcement.

Exciting Update from Threads by Meta


I have been spending more and more time using Threads lately and I wish Meta would finally release a MacOS client or at least a web version of Threads. However, the application has released a recent update that enhances the visibility of reposts within the social network. Meta has implemented two modifications concerning reposts within the application. To begin with, a distinct...

iPhone 15 Fast Charging


The Verge reports that: Apple is set to introduce the iPhone 15 in the next few weeks, and the device’s long-rumored transition from Lightning to USB-C may provide a boost to its charging speed. According to 9to5Mac, some of the new iPhone 15 models will support charging up to 35W, compared to the 27W speeds that the current iPhone 14 Pro is limited to. This is a welcome news, any improvements to...

Threads’ Web Version and Enhanced Search Function: Meta Answers Users’ Requests


Threads, the popular text-based social network from Meta, is making waves once again with two highly anticipated updates. Meta’s Chief, Mark Zuckerberg, recently announced that Threads users will soon have access to a web version and a more robust search function. These exciting additions come as a response to users’ demands for enhanced usability and features on the platform. For...

iPhone Contact Poster: Personalize Your iPhone Calling Experience with iOS 17


Apple is constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation, and with the release of iOS 17, they have once again amazed iPhone users with a host of exciting features. One standout addition is Contact Poster, a unique way to create your own digital calling card using images, colours, and text. This feature allows you to make a lasting impression on your contacts and gives you the chance to express...

Unraveling the Art of Rubber Band Manufacturing: A Journey Inside Kyowa Co. Ltd’s Japanese Factory


Process X ventured into the premises of the Kyowa Co. Ltd factory situated in Japan, aiming to grasp the intricacies of manufacturing rubber bands on a large scale. The manufacturing procedure commences by combining natural rubber with additives, which is then kneaded and flattened. This series of steps is iterated, incorporating additional additives, until the mixture is appropriately stretched...

Meta’s Threads: A Journey of Ascension and Uncertainty, with Bluesky as My Top Choice


Meta’s Threads, a social media platform that launched with great excitement, initially seemed poised to surpass Twitter’s popularity in a short period. However, recent data from Similarweb, a prominent data analytics company, suggests that Threads’ rapid rise may not be as smooth as anticipated. Within just one week, the number of daily active users on Threads significantly...

Threads: A New Twitter Alternative Raises Concerns


Threads, a new social media platform by Meta, offers an alternative to Twitter. Initial reports on Threads are mixed, with some comparing it favorably to vintage Twitter, while others criticize features like its algorithmic feed. However, creating a Threads profile comes with an unexpected challenge: deleting it requires deleting your Instagram account. This linkage raises concerns about data...

Bluesky Launches Paid Domain Service


Bluesky, the decentralized social network supported by Jack Dorsey, has taken a significant step towards providing a sustainable and user-centric platform. In a recent announcement, the team unveiled their partnership with Namecheap, introducing a paid domain service. By prioritizing user ownership of data and distancing itself from the traditional ad-based model, Bluesky aims to revolutionize...

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