Thrawn’s Late Entrance in ‘Ahsoka’: A Missed Opportunity


Last night I watched the latest episode of ‘Ahsoka’ Part Six: Far, Far Away. Grand Admiral Thrawn, one of Star Wars’ iconic villains, has finally arrived in live-action form in the series. However, his late appearance raises questions about whether it can salvage a show struggling with storytelling issues common in recent Star Wars TV productions. Thrawn, known for his intelligence...

Exploring South Korea’s Kimchi Culture: A Journey with ‘A Nation of Kimchi’


Watched something different this weekend on Netflix and I loved it! South Korea has a rich and vibrant culinary heritage, and at the heart of its cuisine lies an iconic dish – kimchi. On September 10, 2023, Netflix unveiled a tantalizing new documentary series, “A Nation of Kimchi,” created by Baek Heon-seok and produced by Cho Jeong-hoon and Lee Jee-hwi. This captivating show...

New Buffyverse Audio Original: ‘Slayers’ Unleashes a Decade After


Buffy enthusiasts, get ready for a new adventure featuring the original cast members, and notably, without the involvement of Joss Whedon. Audible is set to release a brand-new audio original in the Buffyverse, taking place a decade after the series finale, premiering on Amazon’s audio platform on October 12th. Titled “Slayers: A Buffyverse Story,” the production will feature...

Apple TV+ Fall Lineup: For All Mankind’s Return and Exciting Offer for Apple Users


As autumn descends upon us, Apple TV+ is gearing up to provide you with a captivating lineup of TV series to keep you entertained throughout the season. With the highly anticipated return of “The Morning Show” and the intriguing debut of a show featuring the iconic Godzilla, the highlight of the season is undoubtedly the fourth season of the mesmerizing “For All Mankind.”...

NYT: Paris Swimming Pools


What a great read from NYT: To Experience Paris Up Close and Personal, Plunge Into a Public Pool Swimming in Paris is a full-on cultural experience, offering intimate views into the French psyche, which is on near-naked display in the swimming lanes, locker rooms and (mostly coed) showers. Swimming in Paris is a full-on cultural experience. Many public pools don’t just feel like historical...

LOL and ROFL Replaced by IJBOL


First there was LOL (“laugh out loud”), an acronym that first appeared in the 1980s and became the reigning shorthand online for what people found funny. Then came ROFL (“rolling on the floor laughing”), LMAO (“laughing my ass off”) and even nonverbal cues like smiling emojis. Still, most type these terms straight-faced, relegating them to dull punctuation added carelessly to the end of...

Children of the Vault: A Marvel Comic that Defies Expectations


The Marvel universe has always been full of surprises, and “Children of the Vault” is no exception. This new X-Men spinoff, born out of the “Fall of X” storyline, takes a bold step in introducing a group of characters who are not mutants and have never headlined their own book. Penned by the talented Deniz Camp, known for the remarkable “20th Century Men,” and...

The First Issue of Amazing Stories: Exploring a Sci-Fi Magazine Journey from the Internet Archives


Recently, fans of old magazines have taken up the task of scanning and sharing them to preserve their content. Initially, this activity was somewhat secretive due to copyright concerns, but now it’s become more open. While there may not be a widespread concern about the copyright of these old magazines, a small subculture of enthusiasts, consisting of a few dozen scanners and a couple of...

The Addictive Charm of ‘King the Land’: A Must-Watch K-Drama


In the vast realm of Korean dramas, there is one show that has captured my heart and quickly become my latest guilty pleasure: ‘King the Land.’ With its captivating storyline, dynamic characters, and a perfect blend of romance and intrigue, this K-drama has me hooked from the very first episode. As we embark on episode 5, let’s dive into the world of Goo Won, the heir of The...

An Ode to Wine: A Review of Season One for “Drops of God”


Finally got around to watching “Drops of God” which is a mesmerizing series that beautifully blends the world of wine with captivating storytelling. Season one sets the stage for an exhilarating exploration of wine culture, unraveling the complexities of taste, aroma, and history, all while taking the audience on an unforgettable journey. The show revolves around Shizuku Kanzaki, a...

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