Remedios Varo: The Fascinating World of an Artist and Surrealist


I have read a post today called: “#art, Serie de Mujeres artistas/Women Artists Series: Remedios Varo” on JaZzArt en València so I decided to look into her life and work more closely: Remedios Varo (1908-1963) was a Spanish-Mexican artist who is best known for her surrealist paintings. Her works are imaginative, intricate, and filled with symbolism, often featuring strange and otherworldly...

A Sculpture of Kusama in Paris


Louis Vuitton has collaborated with Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama to create two installations in their stores in Paris. A monumental sculpture of Kusama has been erected on the Champs-Elysées store, leaning over to paint polka dots on the building, and an animatronic Kusama stands in front of the Place Vendôme store, painting dots on the façade. The collaboration has been praised by many and has...

AI Selfies With Famous Historical Figures


This brilliant example of artist use of artificial intelligence: Duncan Thomsen has used AI to create images of what famous historical figures such as Jesus, Cleopatra, Henry VIII, and Queen Elizabeth I would look like if they could take selfies. He believes he is the first to use AI for this purpose and says the results are “hilarious”. He uses software called Midjourney, through the...

Johannes Vermeer, Documentary


The Rijksmuseum announced that due to high demand, the special Vermeer exhibit has completely sold out, despite the exhibit still running until June 4, 2023. The exhibition includes 28 paintings from museums and private collections in seven different countries, including the masterpieces Mistress and Maid, Girl, Interrupted at Her Music, Officer and Laughing Girl, and Girl with the Pearl Earring...

Mexico City: Casa Wabi


Bosco Sodi has had a lasting impact on Puerto Escondido, Mexico by creating an art and design hub in the town. His newest art space is located in Mexico City and was designed with the help of Mexican architect Alberto Kalach. The four-floor Brutalist building is divided into two sections – one featuring the new Casa Wabi studio and exhibition space for young Mexican artists, and the other...

London: “Ai Weiwei: Making Sense”


“Ai Weiwei: Making Sense” is a design-focused exhibition at the London Design Museum opening on April 7. It features broken ceramics and historic relics from the Song dynasty, as well as fragments of the artist’s own sculptures destroyed in 2018. The show encourages viewers to make sense of these objects and question what they value, with sculptures of mundane objects cast in...

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