Music: Electrifying Soundscapes – Ayesha’s Sonic Odyssey from DC Warehouses to NYC Beats”


Currently immersed in the vibrant beats of Ayesha, an electronic music maestro hailing from Queens, NY. A globetrotter in her early years, Ayesha’s musical journey took root in the dynamic DC warehouse scene, where techno and breakbeat became her sonic language. After a move to New York City, she recently unveiled her debut LP, “Rhythm is Memory,” a pulsating fusion of hard-charging percussion, tight-looped samples, and sawtooth synth waves. The Financial Times managed to seize a sneak peek before me, attesting to the record’s undeniable allure. In the playlist, I am also relishing Ayesha’s 2021 EP, “Potential Energy,” which effortlessly echoes the same captivating style.

I am listening to these two albums:

Potential Energy by Ayesha, Potential Energy on AlbumWhale — Listen

Rhythm is Memory by Ayesha on AlbumWhale — Listen

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