Meta Unveils Innovative Tagging Feature on Threads: A Cleaner, Hyperlinked Approach to Conversations


In a recent announcement, Mark Zuckerberg revealed that Meta is currently testing a groundbreaking tagging feature on Threads, offering a fresh take on traditional hashtags. This new feature transforms hashtags into blue-text hyperlinks, creating a cleaner aesthetic for users. The initial trial of this feature is set to be introduced to Australian users in a “limited test” before a broader release.

To utilize this feature, users simply type a “#” into the post text field, prompting a card with the relevant topic or similar ones. Each topic is accompanied by a post count, resembling the format seen on Instagram. However, the unique aspect of Threads’ tagging is that users can only add a single topic to a post at a time, curbing potential spam and encouraging a more focused and meaningful approach to conversations.

The move comes as part of Meta’s efforts to enhance Threads’ user experience. Recent updates include options to keep Threads posts separate from Instagram and Facebook, independent account deletion, and the introduction of pinned posts for all users. Instagram boss Adam Mosseri has also kept the community on edge with ongoing speculation about the future of direct messages on Threads.

While the current version of the tagging feature is in its early stages, Meta has assured users that they will continue refining it over time. The development aligns with Meta’s commitment to providing innovative and user-friendly features, ensuring Threads remains a dynamic and evolving platform. Stay tuned for further updates as Meta reshapes the landscape of online conversations with Threads.

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