Music: Harmonies Unveiled – Exploring the Sonic Realm of Celia Hollander


Currently immersed in the captivating sounds of Celia Hollander, a brilliant American pianist and composer hailing from Los Angeles. Hollander’s musical style is truly unique, carving out a niche of its own. Described as crafting “ambient-adjacent audio liquidity” by Ableton’s blog, she skillfully blends field recordings to create immersive temporal experiences, as highlighted by Objects and Sounds. Our playlist features tracks from her latest album, “2nd Draft,” a collection of piano improvisations transformed through software “emulsification,” as she shared with us. Additionally, we’re delving into her 2021 electronic masterpiece, “Timekeeper,” showcasing her exceptional ability to construct spatial sonic landscapes. Noteworthy is her contribution to Longform Editions, a mesmerizing piece that earned its place in our curated Flow State Today playlist. Dive deeper into Hollander’s musical world through our exclusive interview linked below.

Timekeeper by Celia Hollander on AlbumWhale — Listen

2nd Draft by Celia Hollander on AlbumWhale — Listen

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