Threads: Meta Responds to User Feedback


Instagram’s Threads has implemented changes to address user concerns regarding the automatic sharing of posts to other apps, including Instagram and Facebook. The move comes after Meta, Instagram’s parent company, faced criticism from Threads users who were displeased with the default setting that exposed their Threads posts externally.

Many Threads users expressed frustration over being automatically opted in to share their posts externally. The primary concern was the disparity between the audience on Threads and the real-life friends and family present on Facebook and Instagram. Users threatened to abandon Threads if their content reached their Facebook family, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a separation between the two platforms.

Moreover, users voiced complaints about the quality of suggested Threads. Some felt that the content suggested was geared towards generating comments or labeled as odd clickbait lacking context. This prompted dissatisfaction among users who expected more relevant and meaningful suggestions within the app.

Meta’s response to user feedback is indicative of its longstanding strategy to leverage cross-app sharing for product growth. The company, known for initiatives like Reels and cross-app communication between Messenger and Instagram, aims to tap into its vast user base across platforms to drive adoption and engagement for its products.

Threads initially capitalized on its integration with Instagram, rapidly onboarding millions of users by suggesting friends when someone joined Threads and automatically following people already connected on Instagram. This strategy propelled Threads to become the fastest app to reach 150 million downloads, surpassing the record held by Pokémon Go.

The recent update introduces a new privacy option allowing users to disable the automatic sharing of Threads posts individually on Instagram and Facebook. While this addresses user concerns, it’s worth noting that the sharing feature remains opt-out rather than opt-in. Additionally, the update was not publicly announced by the Threads team, underscoring Meta’s commitment to its growth-hacking approach.

As Threads seeks to refine its user experience and regain user trust, these privacy adjustments are a step in the right direction. Meta’s willingness to adapt based on user feedback demonstrates its commitment to creating a platform that aligns with user preferences. Whether these changes will re-energize Threads and propel it to sustained success remains to be seen, but the evolution of the app reflects Meta’s ongoing efforts to balance growth strategies with user satisfaction.

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