“YouTube Unveils New AI Features – Comment Summaries and Video Chatbot”


YouTube introduced two novel generative AI features on Monday. Subscribers of YouTube Premium will soon have the opportunity to explore these offerings, including AI-generated comment summaries and a chatbot that can provide information about the content you’re currently watching. These features are entirely optional and accessible exclusively to paid members who opt in during the experimental phase.

The AI-driven comment summaries are designed to categorize comments into easily digestible themes. For instance, in a demonstration using a Mr. Beast video, the tool identified themes such as “People love Bryan the bird,” “Lazarbeam should be in more videos,” “No submarine,” and “More 7-day challenges.” Users can tap on a theme to view the full list of associated comments. This feature will initially run on a limited number of English-language videos with extensive comment sections.

To address concerns about the quality of these summaries, YouTube assured that the tool won’t include content from unpublished messages, those pending review, comments with blocked words, or from blocked users. Creators also have the ability to delete individual comments that they find problematic or undesirable.

Additionally, YouTube’s conversational AI tool offers users a chatbot experience tailored to the video they’re watching. Powered by large language models, this assistant allows users to ask questions about the content and seek related recommendations. It seamlessly draws information from YouTube and the web, delivering answers without interrupting the viewing experience. Eligible users can access this feature through a new “Ask” button in the YouTube app for Android.

Now, YouTube Premium subscribers can opt in for the comment summarizer on YouTube’s experiments page. However, the “Topics” option won’t be available for all videos. The conversational AI tool is currently only accessible to a select group of users for specific videos, but YouTube Premium subscribers with Android devices will have the opportunity to try it in the coming weeks. YouTube acknowledges that these experimental features may not always be perfect, a sentiment that extends to other AI experiments by Google.

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