Detail’s Latest Innovation Takes Podcasting to the Next Level


In the ever-evolving world of content creation, Detail, a dynamic startup specializing in video recording and editing apps for Mac and iPhone, has recently unveiled an exciting new multiplayer feature. This innovation promises to revolutionize the podcasting landscape by enabling users to effortlessly create multi-camera podcasts through two iPhones (or iPads) wirelessly.

The ingenious multiplayer feature, introduced as an update to the Detail app for iOS, offers a seamless solution for synchronizing video and audio feeds between two devices. This effectively eliminates the cumbersome editing process that often comes with producing high-quality podcasts. Furthermore, users can easily edit their podcast episodes, switching between various layouts, including side-by-side, picture-in-picture, or full-screen formats.

Detail’s journey began with the release of its Mac app in 2022, available on the App Store after a year of extensive public beta testing. Following this success, the startup launched its iOS app earlier this year. The iPhone app boasts an array of features, such as user-friendly templates and tools for creating reaction videos, tutorial content, and video resumes. These features include a live green-screen editor, AI-generated captions, and a teleprompter, enhancing the user’s video creation experience. Meanwhile, the Mac app is equipped with tools like AI-generated video descriptions and hashtags, simplifying the video editing process.

One of Detail’s standout features is its ability to capture both audio and video locally on the user’s device, seamlessly syncing them together. This means users can record audio using the iPhone’s built-in microphones or opt for better audio quality with external lavalier microphones. Detail’s approach removes the need for external audio interfaces or mixers, making podcast creation more accessible and straightforward.

Detail founder Paul Veugen emphasized that Detail’s mission is to make podcast creation more user-friendly without the complications associated with multi-camera setups. While Detail’s Mac product has evolved over time, the focus remains on delivering fully edited podcast episodes for easy sharing and engaging short-form content suitable for various platforms. The new multiplayer feature for iOS simplifies the process, turning what used to be a complex endeavor into a few simple taps on your iPhone. In Paul Veugen’s own words, it’s about delivering “pro video accessible for everyone.”

Notably, Detail’s iOS app already allows users to record with both front and back cameras simultaneously, adding versatility to the creator’s toolkit.

Detail has also garnered significant support in the form of $7 million in funding, with prominent backers like Adjacent, TQ Ventures, Point Nine Capital, Connect Ventures, Hustle Fund, Alexander Ljung, Anke Huiskes, Hiten Shah, and Sten Tamkivi.

Looking ahead, Detail has exciting plans in the pipeline. In the coming weeks, they aim to roll out features such as remote recording, AI-powered auto-editing (introduced for Mac last week), and AI-generated highlight clips for their iOS app. With a commitment to simplifying the podcasting process and enhancing the content creation experience, Detail is undoubtedly a name to watch in the evolving world of multimedia content production.

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