Harmonizing with Green-House: A Musical Journey


Today, I’m immersing myself in the enchanting sounds of Green-House, the electronic music composer hailing from the vibrant city of Los Angeles. Green-House’s music emanates an unwavering sense of affirmation towards all living beings, reminiscent of the soothing vibes of Japanese environmental music. With their latest album, “A Host for All Kinds of Life,” the visionary behind Green-House, Olive Ardizoni, graciously invites the talented artist Michael Flanagan to join in creative harmony. Throughout the album, Green-House’s signature soft synths cascade like gentle rain at times, while at others, they dance in arpeggios, creating a shimmering sonic tapestry. As a bonus, I’m revisiting their debut release, “Six Songs for Invisible Gardens,” which first graced my ears in the early days of 2020.

Recommend albums I am listening to:

Six Songs for Invisible Gardens by Green-House on AlbumWhale
— Read on albumwhale.com/albums/5226


A Host for All Kinds of Life by Green-House, A Host for All Kinds of Life on AlbumWhale
— Read on albumwhale.com/albums/5225

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