Reuben Wu Unveils Stunning iPhone 15 Pro Max Photography Series: “The Inner Landscape”


In a recent collaboration with Apple, renowned multidisciplinary artist and National Geographic photographer, Reuben Wu, has unveiled a stunning six-image series called “The Inner Landscape” to showcase the capabilities of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. This series captures breathtaking landscapes illuminated with carefully composed artificial light. Unlike some of Wu’s previous work, “The Inner Landscape” is described as more intimate and ambiguous, creating a sense of connection and psychological space. Wu explains that this series brings him physically closer to the subjects, fostering a stronger connection between him and the scenes he captures.

Wu uses the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s ProRAW capability, allowing him to work with high-resolution RAW files of up to 48 megapixels. He also utilizes the phone’s Night Mode for long exposures of up to 30 seconds when mounted on a tripod. Wu emphasizes that he gets the same satisfaction from shooting with an iPhone camera as he does with larger mirrorless or DSLR systems. For this series and other iPhone-based projects, Wu prefers to use the phone’s native camera app due to its intuitive user interface, which he uses daily for its speed and instinctiveness. Even when not working on Apple commissions, Wu relies on his iPhone as a crucial tool for scouting and navigation in the field. He praises the iPhone 15 Pro Max as the best camera available for its size, capable of creating high-quality images that can be printed at gallery sizes. Wu’s “The Inner Landscape” images have been printed in sizes up to 60 inches and displayed in New York City and at Apple Champs-Elysees in Paris. He even had the opportunity to showcase his work to Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook.

Despite the ease and quality of smartphone photography, Wu acknowledges that dedicated camera systems still offer performance advantages and more flexibility. However, the accessibility and convenience of smartphones like the iPhone 15 Pro Max are making them increasingly attractive options, particularly for a younger generation of creators who value the integration of camera technology with social media and content creation. The iPhone’s user-friendly native camera app and its powerful hardware and software allow novice and experienced photographers like Reuben Wu to capture impressive images. Wu’s work demonstrates that the same device used for everyday snapshots can also produce gallery-worthy art. Overall, Wu’s collaboration with Apple showcases the remarkable potential of the iPhone 15 Pro Max in the hands of a talented artist, emphasizing the democratization of digital photography and the increasing role of smartphones in creative expression.

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