Book: “Dragon Palace” by Hiromi Kawakami: A Mesmerizing Journey into Myth and Reality


“Dragon Palace” by Hiromi Kawakami just came out this week and since it’s a quick read (only 168 pages) I finished reading it today. It’s a mesmerizing literary work that immerses readers in a dreamlike world of myth and reality. Kawakami’s storytelling prowess shines as she weaves a tale of a mysterious palace beneath Tokyo’s bustling streets, where ancient dragons and modern city life coexist.

The novel’s characters are beautifully developed, each carrying their own secrets and desires. The protagonist, a young woman named Umi, embarks on a surreal journey into the depths of the Dragon Palace, where she encounters enigmatic beings and uncovers hidden truths about herself and her family.

Kawakami’s prose is elegant and evocative, painting vivid pictures of Tokyo’s urban landscape and the fantastical realms that lie beneath. Her exploration of the boundary between reality and fantasy keeps readers engaged throughout, inviting them to ponder the nature of existence and the power of imagination.

“Dragon Palace” is a thought-provoking and enchanting read that blurs the lines between mythology and contemporary life. Hiromi Kawakami’s mastery of storytelling shines brightly in this captivating tale, making it a must-read for fans of magical realism and literary fiction.

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