Book: “The Magician’s Daughter” by H.G. Parry


Finished reading it today! It was an interesting book and full of surprises I didn’t expect… Recommended !

In the enchanting world of 1912, magic has become but a faded memory, a long-lost wonder. Yet for Biddy, a young woman raised on the enigmatic island of Hy-Brasil by a reclusive magician named Rowan, magic is her everyday reality. This is the premise of H. G. Parry’s captivating historical fantasy, where mysteries and revelations intertwine, leading Biddy on a spellbinding journey through early 1900s England.

Biddy’s tale begins on the secluded island of Hy-Brasil, shrouded in magic and hidden from the world’s gaze. Orphaned from infancy, she finds solace among ancient trees and the briny ocean air, with Rowan as her guardian. However, as her seventeenth birthday approaches, the weight of solitude presses upon her, exacerbated by Rowan’s unwavering reluctance to let her explore beyond their island sanctuary.

The turning point arrives when Rowan vanishes during one of his enigmatic sojourns. Driven by an unwavering determination to rescue him, Biddy embarks on a perilous journey that reveals the secrets of Rowan’s nightly travels and the formidable adversaries he faces. Her quest unfolds from the comfort of her cherished island to the bleakness of Whitechapel’s poorhouses, from the concealed recesses of London’s subterranean castle to the ancient ruins of a forgotten civilization. Ultimately, it leads her to a desperate opportunity to rekindle the long-lost magic.

As Biddy delves deeper into this magical odyssey, she begins to question the very foundations of her beliefs – about Rowan, her own origins, and the profound sacrifices demanded by the restoration of magic to the world. “Biddy’s Enchanting Odyssey” is a lush and lyrical historical fantasy that will transport readers to a world where magic and mystery converge, redefining everything Biddy once held dear.

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