Threads Web Update: Quoting Posts and Mobile Thread Notifications


Instagram’s Adam Mosseri said Thursday that quote posts on the web were rolled out this week. Mosseri also said that Threads users on mobile can follow a thread and get notifications on it. These may seem like incremental features, but even small features help make Threads feel like it can be a proper alternative to X. If you’re an avid Threads user, you’ll be delighted to know that some exciting updates have recently been rolled out to improve your experience on this social platform. Threads, an app closely associated with Instagram, has made some crucial additions that bring it closer to competing with giants like X. 

One of the features sorely missed by users was the ability to quote posts. Until now, Threads only allowed you to repost content, which limited your engagement options. However, this limitation is now history. You can now quote a post easily by clicking the two arrows icon and selecting the “quote” option. This brings a new level of interaction and expression to Threads, aligning it more closely with the functionality offered by platforms like X.

Another significant update that enhances the user experience is the introduction of mobile thread following and notifications. While this feature has been announced, it seems that it hasn’t reached all iOS users just yet. Nevertheless, it’s on the horizon and promises to keep you better informed and engaged. By following a thread and receiving notifications, you can stay in the loop with conversations that matter to you, fostering a more vibrant community within Threads.

These updates may appear incremental, but they play a pivotal role in making Threads a genuine alternative to platforms like X. The ability to quote posts and follow threads with notifications brings added versatility to the platform. This versatility enhances the overall user experience and encourages more in-depth discussions and interactions among Threads users. However, it’s important to acknowledge that Threads still has some ground to cover to match the real-time, dynamic nature of X. Users often praise Twitter for its immediate and lively atmosphere. To further improve Threads, one suggestion that’s gaining traction is to avoid forcing the For You feed, allowing users more control over their content consumption.

Threads is evolving, and these updates are just the beginning. With each enhancement, Threads moves closer to establishing itself as a formidable social media platform. While there’s still work to be done, it’s exciting to see the platform grow and adapt to meet the demands of its user base. As these updates continue to roll out and new features are introduced, Threads may become an even more compelling choice for those looking to engage and connect online. Stay tuned for further developments as Threads aims to capture the essence of real-time online interaction.

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