September’s Bounty in the Garden


September, with its gentle embrace, welcomes us into the tranquil phase of autumn. As the weather slowly shifts, the garden takes on a unique character, offering both relaxation and productivity. This month is all about savouring the final harvest while preparing for the cooler months ahead. Let’s explore the delightful tasks and enchanting encounters that make September a captivating time for every gardener.

September’s weather can be a delightful blend of lingering summer warmth and the subtle arrival of autumn. The soil still holds the sun’s remnants, while evaporation levels decrease due to shorter days and a gentler sun. This makes it an ideal time for planting perennials, giving them ample time to establish before winter. Average maximum temperatures hover around those experienced in June, offering a comfortable environment for both gardeners and plants.

1. Plant out winter bedding: Brighten up your garden with winter-flowering plants that add a splash of colour during the colder months.

2. Remove shading or wash greenhouse glazing: As the sun becomes less intense, remove any shading you may have added to your greenhouse and give the glazing a thorough cleaning to maximize sunlight.

3. Divide perennials: Overgrown perennials can be divided to rejuvenate them and ensure healthier growth in the future.

September opens the door to fascinating wildlife experiences in the garden. Keep an eye out for these enchanting creatures:

1. Ivy bees: Emerging from hibernation, these bees are attracted to the nectar of ivy flowers.

2. Female garden spiders: Watch in awe as they weave intricate webs across shrubs and paths, showcasing their architectural prowess.

3. Common newts: Often found beneath logs or stones, these newts prepare for hibernation, appearing shrivelled when out of water – a perfectly natural state for them.

September offers an array of possibilities for sowing and planting, ensuring a bountiful and beautiful garden:

1. Sow Hardy annuals, Japanese onions, and Oriental leaves.

2. Plant: Radishes, spinach, winter lettuce, autumn-flowering heathers, fruit trees and bushes, ornamental cabbages, potted cyclamen, spring bulbs, and strawberry runners.

It’s essential to maintain the garden’s health and make the most of its offerings during September:

1. Prune: Blackberries, hedges, hybrid berries, and summer-flowering shrubs after their blooming season.

2. Harvest: Autumn cabbages, autumn raspberries, chillies, sweet peppers, courgettes, kale, maincrop potatoes, onions, tomatoes, early apples, and pears.

In the embrace of September, the garden offers a graceful transition from summer to autumn. This is a time to savour the last of the summer harvest while preparing the groundwork for a vibrant spring. As we immerse ourselves in the gentle tasks and discoveries that this month brings, we find solace in the rhythm of nature and the beauty it unfolds. Embrace the tranquillity and abundance of September, and your garden will reward you with its seasonal wonders. Happy gardening!

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