Early Sunday Morning Cycling Trip to the Lake


Embarking on an early morning bike ride to the provincial park turned out to be an exhilarating journey that redefined the essence of tranquillity. The adventure commenced at the gentle cusp of dawn, a serene 6 a.m., when the world was still draped in the delicate hues of sleep. The air wrapped around us, warm and unhurried, carrying the promise of a day that was ready to unfold at its own pace.

The absence of wind seemed almost surreal as we pedalled our way through the silent landscape. Halfway into our expedition, nature graced us with a breathtaking spectacle – a sunrise so splendid it painted the sky in strokes of gold and rose. As the sun emerged like a shy artist, the world awakened in hues that words could barely capture. It was a moment to pause, absorb, and relish the grandeur of nature’s canvas.

Our next pause brought us to the Sacred Lotus Pond, where a myriad of lotus flowers had transformed into elegant seedpods, a poignant reminder of the cycle of life. The scene held a touch of melancholy beauty, reminding us that every stage of existence has its own unique charm.

Pressing on, our wheels led us to the tranquil embrace of the lake, its surface mirroring the clear blue sky above. By the bay, we halted once more, taking in the serene view before our homeward journey. And just as we thought the morning couldn’t get any better, a serendipitous encounter occurred – another cyclist, connected through the digital threads of Strava, joined our path. A brief but pleasant chat ensued, intertwining shared experiences and the joy of camaraderie.

As we pedalled back homeward, the world around us had fully awakened. The symphony of birdsong resonated, and the day had taken on a rhythm that matched our own heartbeats. The early start had gifted us with not just an invigorating bike ride but also a perspective-altering communion with nature. With the memory of that perfect morning etched in our minds, we carried its serenity and beauty forward, a reminder that the world reveals its most precious treasures to those who seek them in the gentle embrace of dawn.

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