Video: Fun Ride to Erieau with a Cafe Stop


This morning, our adventurous spirit led us to embark on a thrilling 70km cycling expedition, bound for the charming town of Erieau. The day greeted us with a pristine canvas – devoid of any pesky winds, generously bathing us in the warm sunshine while keeping the morning temperatures delightfully cool. As we cycled along the scenic route, a delightful surprise awaited us in Erieau: a quaint café, still in its infancy, having just opened its doors on July 1st. The allure of ice-cold coffee and the promise of a refreshing pause were irresistible, prompting us to take a well-deserved break. Every element of this journey, from the weather to the discovery of the new café, seemed tailor-made for an absolutely perfect cycling adventure.

Here are also a few photos taken along the way:


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