iPhone Contact Poster: Personalize Your iPhone Calling Experience with iOS 17


Apple is constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation, and with the release of iOS 17, they have once again amazed iPhone users with a host of exciting features. One standout addition is Contact Poster, a unique way to create your own digital calling card using images, colours, and text. This feature allows you to make a lasting impression on your contacts and gives you the chance to express your creativity like never before.

When you place a call from your iPhone to another iPhone where you are saved in their contacts, your personalized Contact Poster will appear on their screen. This replaces the small notification and thumbnail picture that was previously displayed, offering a larger canvas to showcase your identity. Now, you have the opportunity to curate how you want to be perceived by friends, family, and colleagues.

To set up your Contact Poster, you need to be running the public beta of iOS 17. Once you have access to the feature, follow these simple steps to customize your calling card:

1. Open the Contacts app on your iPhone.

2. Tap on your name at the top of the contacts list.

3. Choose “Contact Photo & Poster.”

4. In the Contact Poster settings, you can select your name and decide whether you want to automatically share your posters with everyone in your contacts or choose to share them manually.

To unleash your creativity and create a new Contact Poster, follow these steps:

1. Tap “Edit” and then the + (plus) symbol to create a new poster.

2. Choose the type of Contact Poster you want to create: Camera (new photo), Photos (existing photo), Memoji, or Monogram (text).

3. If using a photo, you can swipe left or right, change zoom and crop, and alter font styles and colors for text.

4. If using Memoji, you can select an existing one or create a new Memoji and customize the background color.

5. If using Monogram, pick a background color and edit the font style, thickness, and color of the central lettering.

6. Tap “Done” when you’re satisfied, and then tap “Continue” on the preview screen.

With your new Contact Poster, you can choose to update your main contact photo. This image will be used for your Apple ID across all your devices and appear in other people’s contact lists. If you wish to update your contact photo:

1. Tap “Update” if you’re happy with the contact photo generated from your Contact Poster.

2. Alternatively, tap “Skip” if you don’t want to use the Contact Poster for your contact photo.

3. To further customize your photo, select “Customize Photo,” which offers the same choices as before (Camera, Photos, Memoji, Monogram, and now, Emoji).

If you’ve created multiple Contact Posters and want to switch between them or customize them further:

1. Go to Contacts, tap on your name, and choose “Contact Photo & Poster.”

2. Tap “Edit” again and swipe left or right to select your desired Contact Poster.

3. Choose “Customize” to edit a specific poster.

4. To delete a Contact Poster, swipe up on it, and tap the red trash can icon.

Contact Posters work seamlessly with another iOS 17 feature called NameDrop. NameDrop simplifies the process of exchanging contact information with others. By bringing your iPhone close to someone else’s iPhone or Apple Watch with Bluetooth enabled, you can quickly transfer your contact details. When using NameDrop, your default Contact Poster will be displayed, leaving a memorable mark on the recipient’s device. Please note that NameDrop was not available in the iOS 17 public beta at the time of writing, so stay tuned for further details on this exciting feature.

With the introduction of Contact Poster and NameDrop, iOS 17 continues to impress with its user-centric approach and emphasis on personalization. Now, you have the power to design your own digital calling card, reflecting your personality and style. Get ready to stand out in your contacts list and create a lasting impression with Contact Poster on iOS 17!

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