Global Views on Sports: 58% Globally Would Like to Practice More


A recent Global Advisor study has shed light on the physical activity levels across 29 nations, revealing some interesting trends. People from the Netherlands emerged as the most physically active, dedicating an impressive average of 12.8 hours per week (nearly two hours per day) to exercise or team sports. This figure is double the overall average of 6.1 hours across the surveyed countries.

Following closely behind are Germany and Romania, with 11.1 and 11 hours of exercise per week, respectively. On the other end of the scale, Brazilians were found to be the least physically active, spending only three hours per week on exercise (around 26 minutes per day). Joining them were France, Chile, Italy, and Japan, with averages of less than four hours of physical activity per week.

Interestingly, the study also revealed that one-third of Japanese citizens reported doing no exercise at all in an average week, significantly higher than the global average of 14%. Similarly, around three in ten Brazilians, and a quarter of Poles and Italians, also admitted to not engaging in any exercise. In contrast, only a mere four percent of respondents from the Netherlands reported not doing any exercise in a week.

These findings highlight the varying levels of physical activity across different countries and call attention to the importance of promoting active lifestyles worldwide. With 58% of respondents expressing a desire to practice more, it’s clear that there is a collective aspiration for increased physical activity. Let’s strive to encourage and support each other in adopting healthier habits to lead more active and fulfilling lives. This seems like a no brainer, yet people always find some form of excuse about why they cannot stay more active.

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