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As an avid fan of Audible and a passionate audiobook enthusiast, I’ve immersed myself in countless hours of literary adventures. My virtual library has grown substantially, making it unlikely that I’d consider leaving Audible for any other provider. However, my excitement reached new heights when I discovered a new audiobook service available in my country – Not just another ordinary audiobook retailer, takes a unique approach by supporting local bookshops. This groundbreaking platform recently launched internationally, offering a lifeline to independent bookstores in the face of fierce competition from giants like Amazon.’s mission is to provide audiobook lovers with a service that not only satiates their literary cravings but also supports local bookshops worldwide. It became available on the international stage with an ambitious launch, offering its services in six currencies – USD, CAD, EUR, AUD, GBP, and NZD. This move signals a significant step towards accessibility for global audiobook enthusiasts and the bookstores they love.

The heart and soul of lies in its partnership with over 2,200 independent bookshops, 146 of which are now international stores. These local establishments often face the daunting challenge of competing with major online retailers like Amazon. By teaming up with, these bookstores gain an opportunity to earn income through audiobook sales, thereby empowering them to thrive amidst the growing digital landscape.

With the ongoing expansion of large-scale online retailers, independent bookshops have struggled to survive. The introduction of on the global stage serves as a glimmer of hope, providing smaller bookstores a chance to grow their businesses and maintain their distinct charm. This audiobook platform gives consumers a chance to contribute to the sustenance of beloved local bookshops while indulging in the pleasure of audiobooks.’s international launch was driven by a surge in demand from global readers. In 2022 alone, nearly 29% of new users hailed from outside the United States, indicating a significant global appetite for the service. Audiobook enthusiasts worldwide yearned for an app that not only offered a vast selection of literary gems but also championed the cause of independent bookstores.

As a die-hard Audible fan, I may not be switching over to anytime soon. Nevertheless, I’m elated to see the rise of a service that not only satisfies the cravings of audiobook aficionados but also empowers independent bookshops across the globe. They do have a promotion right now for new users where you get 2 audiobooks for the price of 1 which I will take advantage of – just to give it a try later next week.’s international expansion signifies a beacon of hope for local bookstores facing overwhelming competition from online giants. By choosing, audiobook enthusiasts can now revel in the joy of exploring captivating stories while making a meaningful impact on the literary ecosystem. So, let’s join hands and embrace this revolutionary platform as it takes us on an exciting journey through the world of audiobooks, supporting local bookshops every step of the way. Happy listening!

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