From Garden to Teacup: My Journey of Harvesting and Enjoying Homegrown Spearmint Tea


Welcome to my humble garden oasis! Join me as I take you through the enchanting process of harvesting spearmint and transforming it into delightful tea. There’s something truly magical about growing and using your own herbs, and the journey from garden to teacup is a joyous one.

A few weeks ago, the time was just right to collect the bountiful spearmint leaves from my garden. Carefully cut each stem for drying, I could already envision the refreshing aroma and taste that awaited me. The satisfaction of knowing these leaves were nurtured and cultivated by my own hands made the harvest even more special.

After the harvest, it was time to allow nature to work its magic. The spearmint stems were gently bunched and hanged to air dry, preserving their essence and flavor. Once fully dried, the task of separating the leaves from the stems commenced, taking care to preserve the precious leaves that would soon steep in my teacup.

With the dried leaves ready for their transformation, I ground them to release their aromatic oils. The invigorating scent that filled the air was simply delightful! After grinding, I lovingly stored the spearmint in tins, anticipating the cozy moments when I would enjoy my homemade tea during the Fall.

As the mint plants regrow with vigor, I look forward to late September, when I’ll embark on the tea-making journey once again. The anticipation of making another batch of mint tea from my garden’s harvest brings a sense of continuity and appreciation for the cycles of nature.

Embracing the beauty of growing, harvesting, and enjoying my own spearmint tea has been a fulfilling experience. There’s something remarkably gratifying about the connection to nature and the pride that comes with crafting my own herbal tea blend. My garden continues to provide not only sustenance but also a sense of serenity and mindfulness. As the seasons change, I eagerly await the moments when I can immerse myself in the comfort of a warm cup of homegrown mint tea once more. Join me on this journey of cultivation and appreciation for the simple joys that nature offers – from garden to teacup.

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