Threads: A New Twitter Alternative Raises Concerns


Threads, a new social media platform by Meta, offers an alternative to Twitter. Initial reports on Threads are mixed, with some comparing it favorably to vintage Twitter, while others criticize features like its algorithmic feed.

However, creating a Threads profile comes with an unexpected challenge: deleting it requires deleting your Instagram account. This linkage raises concerns about data control and user choice. As the social media landscape evolves, users must carefully evaluate the implications of joining new platforms and prioritize their digital privacy.

Although I have downloaded and signed up to the new app to have a look around last night, I have not make any posts nor am I planning on using in the near future at this point for anything personal. Just like my Instagram. Inability to easily delete Threads accounts proves that Meta, or let’s just call it what it is: Facebook has not changed in the way the do business. At the same time I can see the new app being a very successful given the Instagram user base. For now I will stick with my Bluesky account… I like it better and take a wait and see approach with Threads.

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