Book: The Cosmic Puppets


Reading “The Cosmic Puppets” Philip K. Dick. I am in my summer mood nowadays so very little Internet or blogging until later maybe in September. But occasionally there will be a post or two about what I am up-to or what I am reading… “The Cosmic Puppets” is a mind-bending novel by renowned science fiction author Philip K. Dick. Set in a small town called Millgate, the story explores themes of reality, identity, and perception. When Ted Barton returns to his hometown, he discovers that the people and places he once knew have been replaced by strange, eerie duplicates. As he delves deeper into the mystery, Ted unravels a hidden cosmic reality where puppeteers manipulate human lives. With his signature blend of existential questioning and intricate plot twists, Dick takes readers on a mesmerizing journey into the surreal and thought-provoking realm of “The Cosmic Puppets.”

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