On Stoicism


“You must build up your life action by action, and be content if each one achieves its goal as far as possible—and no one can keep you from this. But there will be some external obstacle! Perhaps, but no obstacle to acting with justice, self-control, and wisdom. But what if some other area of my action is thwarted? Well, gladly accept the obstacle for what it is and shift your attention to what is given, and another action will immediately take its place, one that better fits the life you are building.”


In order to build a fulfilling life, it is important to approach it step by step. Each action should be pursued with the intention of achieving its goal to the best of your ability, regardless of external circumstances. While there may be obstacles along the way, they should not prevent you from acting with justice, self-control, and wisdom. If one area of your actions faces hurdles, accept the obstacle and shift your attention to what is currently within your control. Another action will naturally replace the thwarted one, aligning better with the life you are striving to create. The key is to adapt and focus on the present instead of being deterred by setbacks.

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