Automattic Launches AI Assistant for WordPress: Enhancing Content Creation and Translation


Automattic, the company renowned for and its contributions to the open-source WordPress project, has unveiled an AI assistant designed specifically for content creators. This new tool integrates seamlessly with and Jetpack-powered sites, offering a wide array of features to enhance the writing process. With its ability to generate text, create structured lists and tables, change the tonality of a post, provide summaries, suggest titles, and offer superior spelling and grammar correction, the AI assistant is set to revolutionize content creation within the WordPress ecosystem.

The AI assistant, now available as an ‘AI Assistant’ block in the WordPress editor, brings unprecedented convenience and support to writers. By simply entering a prompt in natural language, the assistant generates text based on that input, serving as a valuable source of content ideas and inspiration. This functionality allows authors to overcome writer’s block and streamline their writing process with ease.

In addition to content generation, the AI assistant proves invaluable when it comes to creating structured lists and tables. Writers can now effortlessly organize information and data within their blog posts, ensuring a clear and visually appealing layout. Furthermore, the assistant allows users to adjust the tonality of their content, providing options to make it more informal, skeptical, humorous, confident, or empathetic. This versatility empowers authors to tailor their writing style to match the desired tone or intended audience.

Crafting compelling summaries and attention-grabbing titles is an essential aspect of successful content creation. With the AI assistant, writers can create concise and engaging summaries for their posts, capturing the essence of their content effectively. Additionally, the assistant offers title suggestions, providing writers with creative ideas and helping them optimize their headlines for maximum impact.

Automattic’s AI assistant caters to a global audience, as it supports 12 languages, including Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean, and Hindi. This feature empowers writers to compose content in their native language and later translate it into English or other languages, expanding their reach and connecting with diverse readerships. Furthermore, the assistant’s advanced spelling and grammar correction features surpass the capabilities of WordPress’s built-in tools, ensuring a polished and error-free final product.

To access the AI assistant, users can enjoy a free trial period during which they can send up to 20 requests. Afterward, a subscription fee of $10 per month unlocks full access to this powerful writing tool. Considering its numerous features and the efficiency it brings to the writing process, the AI assistant’s subscription cost offers excellent value for content creators seeking to optimize their WordPress experience.

Automattic’s introduction of the AI assistant reflects a broader trend in the industry. Major players such as Google and Microsoft have integrated AI features into their professional applications, while other writing solutions like Notion and Grammarly have also embraced AI-powered tools. These advancements aim to streamline the writing process, enhance creativity, and provide writers with invaluable assistance as they navigate the world of content creation.

With the launch of the AI assistant for WordPress, Automattic has raised the bar for content creation within the WordPress ecosystem. By seamlessly integrating with and Jetpack-powered sites, the assistant empowers writers to generate content ideas, create structured lists and tables, adjust tonality, offer summaries and title suggestions, and even facilitate multi-language translation. As AI continues to shape the landscape of writing tools, the AI assistant exemplifies how technology can assist and amplify human creativity, ultimately benefiting content creators worldwide.

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