On Stoicism


“You say, good fortune used to meet you at every corner. But the fortunate person is the one who gives themselves a good fortune. And good fortunes are a well-tuned soul, good impulses and good actions.”


This quote from Marcus Aurelius, found in his work “Meditations,” emphasizes the idea that true fortune or good luck is not merely a matter of chance encounters or external circumstances. Instead, it suggests that being fortunate is something that an individual can cultivate within themselves through their thoughts, intentions, and actions.

The first part of the quote challenges the notion that good fortune is something that randomly happens to certain individuals while bypassing others. Marcus Aurelius argues that the truly fortunate person is the one who actively creates their own good fortune. This implies that luck is not solely dependent on external factors but can be influenced by one’s own mindset and choices.

According to Marcus Aurelius, good fortunes are manifestations of a well-tuned soul. A well-tuned soul refers to a person’s inner state characterized by harmony, balance, and virtue. It implies that by cultivating virtues such as wisdom, courage, temperance, and justice, individuals can align themselves with the natural order of the world and increase their chances of experiencing positive outcomes.

The quote further highlights the importance of good impulses and actions in generating good fortune. It suggests that positive intentions and virtuous actions play a crucial role in shaping one’s destiny. By consistently acting in accordance with moral principles and making choices that are beneficial to oneself and others, individuals can attract positive outcomes and create a fortunate life for themselves.

Overall, Marcus Aurelius encourages individuals to take responsibility for their own fortune and realize that it is not solely determined by external circumstances. By focusing on cultivating a well-tuned soul, acting with virtuous intentions, and engaging in good actions, individuals can increase their chances of experiencing true fortune and leading a fulfilled life.

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