“Drag Me to Dinner”: The New Cooking Competition Show You Can’t Miss


Are you ready for it? Are you a fan of cooking competition shows? How about drag queens and kings? Well, get ready for the ultimate combination of both in the new show “Drag Me to Dinner.”

Hosted by comedian Yassir Lester, “Drag Me to Dinner” will feature drag performers competing in culinary challenges to create themed dishes. The show promises to be a fun and entertaining mix of cooking skills, creativity, and over-the-top costumes.

The trailer for the show gives a glimpse of what viewers can expect: extravagant dishes, hilarious moments, and fierce competition. With celebrity judges like Aisha Tyler, Bob the Drag Queen, and Michelle Visage, “Drag Me to Dinner” is sure to deliver some entertaining critiques and commentary.

What makes “Drag Me to Dinner” unique is that it highlights the creative talents of drag performers beyond their typical performances. Viewers will get to see these performers showcase their culinary skills and bring their own unique flair to the dishes they create.

The show also promises to celebrate diversity and inclusivity, with a diverse group of drag performers from different backgrounds and experiences competing. This representation is important, especially in the entertainment industry, where marginalized voices are often excluded.

“Drag Me to Dinner” is not just a cooking competition show; it’s a celebration of drag culture and the creativity and talent of drag performers. The show will give viewers a glimpse into the world of drag beyond what they may have seen before.

In a time where the world needs more joy and positivity, “Drag Me to Dinner” is the perfect show to bring some laughter and entertainment to your screens. So, get ready to be wowed by the culinary skills and showmanship of drag performers in “Drag Me to Dinner.”

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