On Stoicism


“Just as when meat or other foods are set before us we think, this is a dead fish, a dead bird or pig; and also, this fine wine is only the juice of a bunch of grapes, this purple-edged robe just sheep’s wool dyed in a bit of blood from a shellfish; or of sex, that it is only rubbing private parts together followed by a spasmic discharge—in the same way our impressions grab actual events and permeate them, so we see them as they really are.”


This encourages readers to view seemingly desirable aspects of life in a cynical light in order to remain objective. This exercise, known as “contemptuous expressions,” can be applied to sex, social media, job promotions, money, and other areas of life. This practice helps to counterbalance the natural bias of wanting what feels good, and will not make one a cynic, but rather provide a much-needed level of objectivity.

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