Netflix: Kill Boksoon


Kill Boksoon is an action-thriller film on Netflix about a single mother and contract killer, Boksoon (Jeon Do-yeon), who struggles to balance her career with caring for her teenage daughter. The film features an ensemble cast, including veteran actress Jeon Do-yeon and rising actor Koo Kyo-hwan.

Despite having empowering elements, the movie faces moral issues due to Boksoon’s profession and struggles to suspend disbelief. The story progresses with Boksoon and her daughter, Jae-young, grappling with their identities and relationships. The film provides a philosophical thought experiment and is streaming now on Netflix.

I watched it last night and actually really enjoyed it. It’s a bit long but highly entertaining. There is no much Korean content on Netflix that I am officially now addicted to many of the shows. Most of them are excellent and often fully dubbed in English.

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