The Rise of China


NYT article outlines this issue well, yet it fails to point it out that it’s our own fault that we allow this to happen. Now we are about a decade or two too late to stop… plus US has been weakened first by Bush and later by Trump.

The U.S. intelligence agencies have issued a threat assessment warning of China’s efforts to expand its power, challenging the U.S. and weakening its influence. China has been forming a partnership with Russia to achieve this goal and has been planning to provide lethal aid to Russia in Ukraine. The Biden Administration has made public intelligence and warned Beijing to not go ahead with the provision of lethal aid, otherwise sanctions would be issued.

The report also outlines China’s ambitions to dominate its region, modernize its military, and increase its global reach. Beijing has concluded that U.S. nuclear capabilities have increased the likelihood of a first strike and is building more silos for its own intercontinental ballistic missiles. China is not interested in negotiating any nuclear arms agreements that restrict its plans or lock in U.S. or Russian advantages.

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