Amazon’s Echo Show 15 As a Fire TV


The news originally dropped sometime in September about the new version of the Amazon Echo operating system bringing the FireTV experience to Amazon’s Echo Show 15, and finally this week my Echoes got an update and I love it. I can finally watch live TV from Japan’s NHK to local TV stations. The interface for launching different TV and streaming apps has been cleverly resolved with an on-screen remote. But since the unit is basically Alexa driven you can open/launch all these apps with voice commands. Thanks, Amazon, this is a really awesome free gift for all of us who use Echo 15.

Amazon’s Echo Show 15 is now useful as a tiny TV. The company has released a promised free update that brings the Fire TV interface to the smart display. As on other devices, you can stream from a range of apps (including Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube) with an on-screen carousel that helps you find content and resume shows. This will be familiar to anyone who’s used even a basic Fire TV Stick, but the Echo Show’s design offers a few interface twists. You can use Alexa to open apps or stream specific content and use either a paired Alexa Voice Remote or the controls in the mobile Fire TV app to navigate without smudging the screen. However, there’s also a virtual remote on the Echo Show 15 itself. You won’t need a separate controller for those apps that don’t recognize touch.

Source: Engadget

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