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Over the weekend, I stumbled on a new podcast called The Burned Photo. It’s a paid production available through services like Apple Podcasts and many others, since I am an Audible member, I can listen to it for free so I did. And it’s good, I can totally get into this kind of story since the production value is excellent. There are two seasons for this particular story and the QCODE makes a lot of other audio fiction.

This particular podcast is based on the suspense-filled and popular Reddit thread, The Burned Photo, and tells the story of Felicia and Kira, two women, whose lives become intertwined when they discover they are being terrorized by the same generational curse that is determined to end each of their family lineages… but why?

Summary: In the series premiere, young Felicia meets a new neighbour, prompting her mother to move them halfway across the country. Years later, a strange girl named Zoe inspires the same reaction, and Felicia finally learns of a horrifying family secret. This episode contains adult language. ~~ From QCODE, makers of fantastic audio fiction. Visit to learn more. And, check out our new shows - Birds of Empire and The Peepkins. Listen to this episode uninterrupted (without ads in the middle) with QCODE+ on Apple Podcasts. QCODE+ subscribers also enjoy special bonus episodes which include conversations with the creators of the show. Learn more at qcodeplus. Release Date: 30-Sep-2021

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