Listening to French and Saunders: Titting About (Series 3) by Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders


They are back for Season 3 with their exclusive Audible podcast. Just started listening to it and they are as funny as always. 

Time to settle down – with an enormous range of snacks, naturally – and listen as comedy goddesses Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders do what they do best (tit about) in their award-winning podcast series, exclusive to Audible.

Across this third series of their smash hit show, Dawn and Jennifer take six more important subjects and – quite literally – tit about with them. From doling out unconventional dieting advice to tales of being dressed inappropriately in The Ritz, Dawn and Jennifer leave no stone unturned in this thorough quest to entertain, inform and properly tit about. Listen on Audible.

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