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I practice it every weekend, not necessarily “touch grass” in a literal way but close enough. We are an outdoors family so we spent time outside in nature as much as possible, especially on weekends when our internet usage is very limited. On days when the weather keeps us at home, I often also read books on the Kindle, but at least it is a distraction-free device for me so I feel disconnected. I don’t detox from anything, just try to balance it out as much as possible, so life is more enjoyable. I like my time online and offline but it wasn’t always that way. 

Touching grass: what it means and how to do it | Mashable:

In logging off from the online world, Paulie, Tom and Mimi all felt both more and less connected to the ‘real’ world. They each felt more present in their ‘real’ lives, connecting with people on a deeper level. Going offline though, came with some disconnection from real world events. Paulie admits that “I used to talk about serious issues a lot. Then after my detox I was much less serious but to a point where I would not want to hear bad news at all.” He’s trying to find a workable solution to this. “I’m trying to find the balance where I’m not constantly feeling awful about the world but where I’m also looped in and happy to talk about serious things and things that are real problems.”

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