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I must come clean: I am still very much a big fan of magazines. I have always been keen on them. Today, I no longer buy printed versions, they are excellent digital equivalents. But I still read them, enjoy and look forward to the new issues.

Most of them are related to current or past hobbies, some are simply curiosity and some are old must-reads from cover to cover like The New Yorker. It’s been at least 20 years since I started reading it. Initially in paper format and now in a digital format and I still love it. What is always drawing me to this magazine is the fantastic graphical covers (like the one above, from this week’s issue). They are delightful to look at. But what I like the most about it are of course the published articles and the variety of subjects they cover. Every week there is something new, something unexpected and something fun and interesting. Their book recommendations are spot on as well.

To my favourite magazine, The New Yorker – you are the best and I will continue to support you! Cheers!

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