‘Acapulco’ Season 2 begins Friday, on Apple TV+

One of our favourite shows is back today Acapulco is returning for the second season on Apple TV+. It’s fun, silly and entertaining at the same time. I think this is why we watch it… no drama!

We cannot live on too-dark-to-see dramas alone. If there’s a part of you that craves light and warmth, watch this sunny, tender comedy (in English and Spanish, with subtitles). “Acapulco” is set mostly in the 1980s, when Maximo (Enrique Arrizon) was an openhearted romantic working at a fancy resort; in the present day, he’s a zillionaire recounting his personal saga to his nephew.

At a time when so many series share the same visual inertness, the colorful, stylized production design here is even more striking, and the show’s dreamy wistfulness and lively rom-com energy make it ideal pick-me-up viewing. Start with Season 1, and give into this show’s bright abundance. If you miss the goofy retroness of “GLOW” or the poppy aesthetics of “Ugly Betty,” watch this.


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