House Built of Cork, Concrete, and Aluminum


If we were to buy or build a new house again in the future, this would be an ideal model for our new home. Absolutely love everything about it… especially the large sliding windows and open concept kitchen & living room. 

A Family House in Rašovka Built of Cork, Concrete, and Aluminum:

Atelier SAD (architecture) and Iveta Zachariášová (interior design) designed this modern, rectangular house in Rašovka, Czech Republic on the slope of Ještěd mountain. Surrounded by green meadows with views of the Bohemian Paradise nature reserve, the house cuts into the slope just below road level helping it to blend into the landscape. The elongated structure’s facade is covered in vertical strips of Portuguese cork, while the interior is clad in reinforced concrete and the roof is topped off with folded aluminum sheeting.

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