Pachinko on Apple TV+


I am looking forward to start watching it tonight, it’s based on Min Jin Lee’s bestselling novel by the same title, which I read a few years ago.

Pachinko review: an enthralling historical epic on Apple TV Plus – The Verge:

The eight-episode series follows Sunja through the upheavals in her life across the 20th century, starting from her birth in the southern coastal city of Busan during the Japanese colonization of Korea. An exceptional boldness and truthfulness in vision reverberate through every layer of Pachinko: its story is full of searing humanity, its casting is thoughtful, and the project boasts a formidable multi-national team of producers, consultants, and crew. Even details like the subtitles — coloured in yellow for dialogue in Korean and blue for Japanese — inscribe cultural nuance and complexity, demanding a less familiar viewer to engage actively with the text. Pachinko will undoubtedly land differently with various audiences depending on their proximity to the show’s historical context, but ultimately, this is a story in search of a spiritual response — one that will linger indelibly in a viewer’s consciousness.

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