Omicron in Asia


People need to be reminded that the pandemic is not over, as most of Europe and North America are relaxing restrictions and everyone seems to be happy about not having to wear face masks. This virus is done with us, we will face more hardship in the coming months as potentially new variants come to light. Again the pandemic is not over yet…

Covid Live Updates: Omicron, Testing, and Mandate News – The New York Times:

The once severe Omicron wave that has retreated in much of the world is still flaring up in parts of East and Southeast Asia, where caseloads are rising and some countries are enduring their worst waves of the pandemic, the World Health Organization noted this week. Many places in the region had kept caseloads fairly low throughout the pandemic because of their strict policies, including “zero Covid” approaches in mainland China and Hong Kong, as well as in New Zealand.

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