‘Bullet Train’ Trailer Released

Five assassins, one bullet train, one high-speed action comedy movie — as old as time itself, but as new as freshly cut grass. From Deadpool 2 director David Leitch comes Bullet Train, the upcoming film that'll clearly delight fans of Tokyo's neon-lit streets, bucket hats, and Zazie Beetz (and who among us are not). It's based on Kotaro Isaka's novel Maria Beetle, and follows a group of assassins whose individual missions lead them to the same bullet train between Tokyo and Morioka. Fight scenes ensue. It brings those '90s Speed vibes of high concept action back with a Bee Gees cover dominating the trailer.
Getting back on the job is never as easy as you think… especially with the world’s deadliest assassins on board. Take a ride with Brad Pitt in #BulletTrainMovie, exclusively in movie theatres on July 15.

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